In my childcare children are encouraged to use their imagination to grow and learn while playing with developmentally appropriate material. By keeping the group small, I provide a calm and happy atmosphere, and I can ensure each child receives the one-on-one attention they require.

A regular daily schedule is planned, so children feel safe and secure, and is changed according to the children’s needs. I organize individual and group activities based on children’s strengths and interests. We play outdoors every day (weather permitting) to ensure that children get enough fresh air and physical activity.

I apply positive child guidance techniques appropriate to the individual’s developmental level, teach problem solving and conflict resolution. Children are encouraged to stand up for themselves, express their feelings and needs in a respectful manner, and provide support to their peers when needed.

Healthy meals and snacks are prepared fresh daily. The menu is adjusted to the likes and nutritional needs of the children.

I work closely with parents in the best interest of their children. We discuss concerns and exciting developmental milestones regularly. We handle all situations with respect for each other’s privacy by keeping all issues confidential.

I believe that every child can succeed if encouraged and supported. Positive emotional state and confidence are key for willingness to work hard towards one’s goal. If we can help the child develop these qualities, we have prepared them for the challenges of growing up and achieving their dreams.

I am a member of the College of Early Childhood Educators, the Association of Early Childhood Educators, and the Caledon Child Care Providers Group. I regularly attend workshops and courses to further educate myself in order to be able to provide families with a high quality childcare.